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Doorstep Callers

Information sent on behalf of Hampshire Constabulary:

Following reports of suspicious doorstep callers in the guise of offering gardening services, the Hampshire Constabulary have offered this advice:  

  • Do not open the door to someone you don't recognise or are not expecting
  • If you do feel you need to answer the door, remember to:
    • Lock the back door before you open ihefront door - doorstep criminals often work in pairs with one person distracting you at the front door, while an accomplice enters your home through the rear
    • put the chain or bar on before opening the door - see who it is before you fully open your door
    • ask to see the caller's identification - a genuine caller will not mind showing you their ID
    • close and lock your door and call the umber of the company they claim to be from to check if they have sent someone to your home.  
    • remember:  even if the caller is genuine, you do not need to allow them into your home.  Ask them to arrange a future appointment, that way you can arrange for a friend or family member to be present
  • You can arrange to have passwords set up with your utility companies.  When a representative calls they will repeat this confidential word to you.
  • Only call 999 if it is an emergency and 101 if it is urgent.  If you can, use our online services at hampshire.police.uk.  
  • You can also report an issue to Trading Standards Phone - the helpline on 0808 223 1133, Monday-Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm