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Cemetery Working Party

By Rosie Hoile, Parish Clerk Droxford Village Community

Friday, 25 September 2020


Droxford Village Community Contributor


We are working hard on making progress to improve Droxford Cemetery at Cut Throat Lane. The initial requirement is to clear the undergrowth from the outlying borders and we have a working party arranged for the weekend of 3/4 October. Volunteers are asked to bring their own gloves and tools - suggest a fork or spade would be very useful! If anyone is available to give a couple ofhours of their time over that weekend, could they please let Di Shepherd know at [email protected] or message her on 07738 077166. Between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm are the planned times, and if all is finished on day one, then she can contact people to cancel their commitment for the second day. Obviously, if the weather is bad, we will postpone.

The planned schedule of works will commence with the working party, followed by the cleared area needing to be scraped over using a digger (or equivalent) - anyone with access to such equipment and is willing to help, would make themselves the most popular person in the meon valley! The next stage is to treat the ground with weedkiller such as RoundUp, which may require more than one application. When the ground is deemed to be ready for planting, then the area to be replanted with wildflower seeds, plug plants and possibly some bulbs. The intention is to ensure that the space is as colourful as possible all year round. This would be in keeping with the area in which the cemetery is sited, thus turning a somewhat bleak and inhospitable cemetery into a place where relatives and friends can visit and spend time in peaceful contemplation in a beautiful space.

As this is a Community facility, it is important that we bring the Community together to take ownership and pride in an area that many do not even know of it's existence.

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Rosie Hoile, Parish Clerk

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