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Sheep Worrying by Dogs

By Rosie Hoile, Parish Clerk Droxford Village Community

Friday, 19 February 2021


Droxford Village Community Contributor


With the lambing season upon us it is timely to raise the perennial issue of sheep worrying by dogs.
The picture was the result of a fatal attack on 7th January and not only was the sheep killed she was also pregnant. The culprits disappeared without attempting to contact the farmer.
Under the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953, if a dog worries sheep on agricultural land, the person in charge of the dog is guilty of an offence. The Act considers sheep worrying to include; attacking sheep or chasing them in a way that may cause injury, suffering and abortion.
Local farmers remain concerned about the welfare of their livestock - as indeed we all should be - and may shoot dogs found to be worrying sheep. Sheep will be rotated around fields, so don't assume that a particular field that is empty in the morning will be empty in the afternoon, or the following day. Where you seen the signs, or know fields to be used in the past for livestock grazing, then put your dog on a lead for theirs, yours and the sheep's well being.

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Rosie Hoile, Parish Clerk

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